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Last Updated Articles

000081684 - Inline Editing tool doesn't work in the Frontend. Several javascript errors in the browser console are seen
Article - May 25, 2017
000081678 - Use async actions in MVC widget controllers
Article - May 25, 2017
How to use async actions in MVC widget controllers?
000081675 - First and Last names of users are not displayed when under SSO
Article - May 25, 2017
The first and last names of the users coming from the STS application are not displayed under Administration -> Users when two Sitefinity instances are configured in SSO
000081674 - Cannot edit user profiles from the STS when running two Sitefinity instances in SSO
Article - May 25, 2017
000081672 - Add product description to order history
Article - May 25, 2017
How to show the product description in the Orders list widget
000081671 - Pages Selector doesn`t have validation for web addresses
Article - May 25, 2017
When using Sitefinity page selector to fill in url to an external web resource there is no validation over the url to the webresource, any string can be entered.
000081669 - Share widget templates with all sites
Article - May 25, 2017
How to share all widget templates with all sites?
000081668 - Site sync: can`t sync very large amount of content at once
Article - May 25, 2017
Large amount of content can`t be synced at one go using site sync module. The data needs to be synced on smaller chunks.
000081666 - Mixed content errors for thumbnail images related to content items
Article - May 25, 2017
Mixed content errors for thumbnail images related to content items on pages which require SSL.
000081664 - Unpublished products are included in Sitemap
Article - May 25, 2017
The URL of unpublished products is included in Sitemap