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Savvion 8.0 -- Managed Adapter Map Configurator problems

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BPM Studio
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Question/Problem Description
Accidental keystroke on a mapping field in the "Change Mapping" dialog of a Managed Adapter causes severe usability issue.
1. Unexpected errors appear with regards to non-existence of certain dataslots.
2. The pull-down menu which should be used to select the dataslot flashes very fast that a user cannot pick a dataslot for mapping to the adapter variable.

Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
To reproduce the issue:
1. Place the cursor inside the text box of one of the fields by clicking in the region which displays the options in the pull-down menu.
2. Change focus to another field or tab.
This behavior can duplicated with a custom managed adapter or any of the standard ones provided by Progress. The problem appears to be in the Map Configurator itself.
Error MessageIf only one field was clicked, the error is:
"The dataslot '' mapped to <parameter name> does not exist in the Process."

If several fields were clicked, the error is:
"Some of the input dataslots do not exist in the Process."
Defect/Enhancement NumberDefect# RPM00040544
The exact cause is not known at this time. The specific problematic feature is the Map Configurator.
Fixed in hotfix 6. Access the hotfix from our ESD site. Refer file ending with “_hotfix_installation_guide.pdf” located inside the hotfix archive for instructions on how to install the hot fix.
To remove either error, the user must do the following for all of the 'invalid' fields:
    1. Change focus to another field or tab.
    2. Return to the invalid field and select the empty value.

Although the issue is a BPM Studio-level issue, download and install both the BPM Studio and the Savvion Business Manager hotfixes.
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