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Error 3376 using view-as toggle-box with function returing LOGICAL

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EnvironmentOE 10.2B
OE 10.2A
OE 10.1C
Question/Problem Description
* Error 3376 is raised when using view-as toggle-box to display the value of a logical variable in a browse, if the value is the result of a function evaluated at runtime.

* When using another expression like FORMAT the logical value is parsed correctly at runtime.

* VIEW-AS TOGGLE-BOX works fine with variables and table fields.

Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Error MessageError: Data type for Toggle-box must be logical. (3376)
A VIEW-AS TOGGLE-BOX must be associated with a variable or field that has data type of LOGICAL.
Defect/Enhancement NumberOE00213087
The root cause is unknown at the moment but defect OE00213087 has reported to track this issue.
None at the moment.
There are at least 2 possible approaches.


One possible solution is to create a Temp Table that contains the fields that will be shown in the browse, plus a logical value that will hold the result of the function for earch table row. After populating the temp table then a Browse can be defined to show the temp table content.


Another approach is to use ON ROW-DISPLAY and set the value of toggle-box here.

The attached file contains an example using TEMP TABLES and another using ON ROW-DISPLAY.
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