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Error (140) in ABL client responding to web request

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EnvironmentProduct: Progress
Version: 9.x
Product: OpenEdge
Version: 10.x, 11.x
OS: Unix
Question/Problem Description
Error (140) in ABL client responding to web request

4GL client runs to deliver data as web request response

HTTP request is canceled by client before response is fully transmitted
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Error Message** Pipe to subprocess has been broken. (140)
Defect/Enhancement Number

When the HTTP client cancels a request, the web server in charge of the request will shut down the communication socket with the process in charge of providing the data for the request response.

If a Progress 4GL client was in charge of providing the response, it will receive SIGPIPE when attempting to write more data to the socket after it has been shut down. This is expected behavior.


To prevent the error message, the users should avoid the following:

- close the web browser window before the response is fully displayed,

- navigate to a different page before the current page is completely loaded,

- cancel a request (such as using the "close" button).

This situation is to be expected when using the regular Progress client as part of an application logic that answers web requests; it can usually be ignored since error 140 will cause the client to terminate gracefully.

References to Other Documentation:

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