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Linking a Table within MS Access fails with "There are too many indexes on table 'tablename'.".

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EnvironmentProduct: Progress
Version: 9.1D
OS: All supported platforms
Other: SQL
Question/Problem Description
Linking a Table within MS Access.
The operation failed.
There are too many indexes on table 'tablename'.
Delete some of the indexes on the table and try the operation again.
A table involved in the query has many (greater than 20) indexes.
Could not remove any indexes on the table due to third party application.
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Error Message
Defect/Enhancement NumberDefect PSC00140950
The SQL-92 engine has a hard limit of 250 index components per table.
The table being linked exceeds this limit.

Example: A table has 50 indexes, each index includes 6 fields. That means the table uses a total of 50*6=300 index components, which is higher than the limit. (If the same field is used in multiple indexes, that counts as multiple components)
Upgrade to Progress 9.1D09 or later.
The limit on the number of index componets was removed.
Import the affected table into MS Access rather than Linking it.
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