Error 9088 and 3181 when trying to process or create an XML document

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EnvironmentProgress 9.1x
OpenEdge 10.x
Question/Problem Description
Error 9088 and 3181 when trying to process or create an XML document
The proxml.dll or was missing or incomplete or XML could not be initialized. (9088)
Cannot create widget of type X-DOCUMENT. (3181)
Clarifying Information
Error Message
Defect/Enhancement Number
The operating environment can not locate the proxml.dll file's dependencies.
Although the proxml.dll file may be resident on the windows machine, the operating environment may not be able to locate it's dependencies. To determine these dependencies use a third party utility such as "Dependency Walker" to see them. Dependency Walker will display (in a hierarchical way) which DLLs your application depends on. With this knowledge, the dependent DLLs can then be moved to the application's (deployment) working directory. This will allow the application to get beyond the errors listed above. The "Dependency Walker" tool can be downloaded from:
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