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Last Updated Articles

000074151 - How to get translated verion of Dynamic Item
Article - September 26, 2016
How to get programatically translated version of Dynamic Item using the API
000074140 - "Cannot read property 'set_titleText' of undefined" when trying to open an image library
Article - September 23, 2016
When trying to open an image library, a JavaScript error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'set_titleText' of undefined" happens, and a blank screen is displayed
000074136 - Sitefinity Image Crop/Rotate Not Working
Article - September 23, 2016
When trying to crop or rotate an image in the content block image manager the image will give 500 error on frontend, and will no longer be editable in the backend
000074114 - Bulk upload of folders and images
Article - September 22, 2016
000074132 - Newly created site in multisite shows content only from the default site
Article - September 23, 2016
000074126 - How to add logging & email notification to custom error pages
Article - September 23, 2016
In case you want to track or want to be alerted when an error (eg. 404) is thrown, it is possible to include this in the custom user control used to explicitly change the response status .
000074122 - How to query all taxons for document
Article - September 23, 2016
How to query all taxons for document and retrieve all taxons assigned to document by name.
000074064 - Cannot save email subscribers to a form
Article - September 21, 2016
A user adds email subscribers to a Sitefinity form, but the subscriber emails are not saved in the form.
000071366 - How to configure the password reset
Article - July 18, 2016
How to configure the password reset functionality in Sitefinity
000072288 - 401 warning messages during initialization when Load Balancing is used
Article - July 28, 2016
When Load Balancing is being used, 401 messages will appear during app initialization