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Last Updated Articles

000081635 - Periodic timeout error
Article - May 24, 2017
000074241 - Database deadlock when multiple users request a single image
Article - May 24, 2017
​Concurrency issue when dynamically re-sizing an image.
000081362 - How to programmatically parse PDF documents
Article - May 24, 2017
How to programmatically read the text content of a PDF document stored inside Sitefinity
000081634 - Reorder language buttons in backend content grids
Article - May 24, 2017
How to change the order of language code buttons in the backend content grids
000081632 - Specify order of Location field when exporting Event to Outlook
Article - May 24, 2017
How to specify the order in which Location fields are concatenated when an event is exported to Outlook
000081630 - Html.EditorFor() does not work with Editor template
Article - May 24, 2017
000076063 - Unable to upload documents and files
Article - May 24, 2017
Trying to upload documents and files shows unable to upload image
000081629 - Everyone's content widget on Dashboard page shows dynamic items constantly being updated
Article - May 24, 2017
The Everyone's content widget on the Dashboard page shows dynamic content items being modified while no changes has been made to the items.
000071999 - Return code 0 error when reindex with Azure Search Service
Article - May 24, 2017
Return code 0 error is thrown when reindexing an Azure search index.
000081628 - Changes to built-in Bootstrap Grid Widgets do not take effect
Article - May 24, 2017
Making changes to the built-in Feather Bootstrap Grid Widgets do not take effect.