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Last Updated Articles

000074936 - Cannot login to the backend after upgrade (NullReferenceException)
Article - October 22, 2016
After an upgrade to Sitefinity 9.2, trying to login the backend fails with a NullReferenceException error.
000074901 - Feather: sf-image-field widget Dialog breaks
Article - October 21, 2016
000074865 - "SitefinityWebApp is not defined" error in sitefinity backend
Article - October 21, 2016
000074863 - Custom Resource class appears as #ResourceNotFound#
Article - October 21, 2016
Custom Resource class is listed in Labels & Messages as #ResourceNotFound#
000074862 - Form Field Validation - show validation message
Article - October 21, 2016
Show validation message for WebForms or MVC Feather form field controls
000074859 - Feather Form: Entry is not valid! after the form is submitted
Article - October 21, 2016
MVC Feather Form submission fails Server side
000074857 - Configure the authentication cookie to be non-persistent
Article - October 21, 2016
How to configure the authentication cookie to be non-persistent so that when the browser is closed the cookie to be deleted?
000074848 - MVC: Add meta tags to content item's detail page header
Article - October 21, 2016
This article describes the steps to be followed to add meta tags to individual content items
000074854 - Cannot sort documents as in the library
Article - October 21, 2016
When set in Download list widget to sort "As they are ordered in library" this setting is not taken into account.
000074853 - Unpublished page in one language does not appear in navigation
Article - October 21, 2016
Pages are missing from the navigation if they are unpublished in one language.