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Last Updated Articles

000083461 - Deleted items show up on the front end
Article - August 18, 2017
Deleted content still shows up on the front end except for the admin
000083463 - Multisite: MVC News widget returns news item from incorrect provider
Article - August 18, 2017
When in multi-site setting, with each site having its own news provider. If a news item is created in both sites with the same name and subsequently the same URL, and then displayed, at each site, on a page with the same name and URL on both sites.
000083456 - MVC: Custom Dynamic Content Widget Details View
Article - August 18, 2017
000083453 - Thunder does not connect to Sitefinity 10.1.6502, it throws exception
Article - August 17, 2017
000083452 - Widget edit template common and other data empty
Article - August 17, 2017
Common data and other data fields are not displayed when editing a widget template.
000083426 - Feather Sections not functioning properly with child templates
Article - August 17, 2017
000083446 - DEC: Collecting form data and assigning DEC persona
Article - August 17, 2017
How to set form field data as a rule for a persona?
000083444 - Error Logs not updating
Article - August 17, 2017
When an error is presenting in the site the error.log does not generate an entry in production but does in development
000083443 - Custom Exception shows Return code: 0 when site is behind a Balancer
Article - August 17, 2017
000083441 - Editors are not able to change page ownership
Article - August 17, 2017