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Last Updated Articles

000072307 - Create Page Template based on Master Page creating two templates
Article - July 28, 2016
When creating a page template from a master page, Sitefinity was creating two templates, one based on the Master Page being used and the other is the one the user intends to create. This is due to the default page template being removed but the page temp...
000070912 - Multi-device/multi-browser logging
Article - July 18, 2016
When on different browser or device a message appears that the other user should be logged out
000073326 - RazorCodeGen error
Article - August 30, 2016
000071347 - Cannot access the Notifications advanced settings in the backend
Article - July 18, 2016
Unable to access the Notifications section under Administration -> Settings -> Advanced -> Notifications.
000073287 - Dynamic content control with caching for Related Data and Custom fields
Article - August 28, 2016
Caching control for WebForms Dynamic Content widget with related data and custom fields
000073254 - Caching control for performance-wise Navigation with Related data and custom fields
Article - August 26, 2016
Caching control for WebForms Navigation with related data and custom fields
000072886 - Invalid type specified Telerik.Sitefinity.Security.Data.MembershipDataProvider
Article - August 26, 2016
During startup, Sitefinity issues a "Invalid type specified Telerik.Sitefinity.Security.Data.MembershipDataProvider" warning
000073241 - Donation Widget not working on newer versions of Sitefinity
Article - August 25, 2016
When using the Donation Widget created for Sitefinity 5.x and below on a newer version donation amount is cleared out in the checkout page
000073249 - Feather Widgets: Invalid Url Parameters are resolved by the Details action
Article - August 26, 2016
Item details resolves incorrect parameters instead of returning 404 Not found.
000073247 - ContentBlock RemoveLink button does not work
Article - August 26, 2016
RemoveLink button does not work in ContentBlock RadEditor (WebForms)