OpenEdge "Invalid TLV record" running a Crystal Reports

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Article Number000032003
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 10.x
OS: Windows
Other: Crystal Reports XI
Question/Problem Description
Running a program to generate a Crystal Report on the AppServer hangs and session has to be cancelled. 
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Crystal Reports on the AppServer hangs
crApplication:OpenReport(<document>) method generates error
AppServer status is SENDING
Error Message"Invalid TLV record"
Defect/Enhancement Number

This is a problem with configuration and run time files for Crystal Reports.  The error could be generated for several reasons: 

1. There are missing runtime files on the client computer. 

2. The report does not match the installed version of Crystal Reports.  (Inconsistent minor versions between reports and installed version of Crystal Reports.)

3. The definition and directory permissions where the report is stored. 

4. Crystal Reports registers and needs some  DLL's to run. Sometimes these dll's are already installed and are loaded instead of the correct version. The following run time dll's are used by Crystal Reports : 

Crqe.dll (Crystal Reports Query Engine. It has be registered in the system) 
Ufmanager.dll (Manager for loading focus units) 
Craxdrt.dll (Crystal Reports ActiveX Designer Runtime 11) 
Crviewer.dll (Crystal Reports viewer. This DLL is only needed if the application previews the report) 

5. The report  might be corrupted and needs to be checked against the database from the designer. 

6. The client computer does not have the 'CommonFiles' registry subkey.


1. Ensure the crystal report versions match. (i.e., the version in which the report has been created has to match the version at the client's workstation.)

2. If the versions are the same and you still get the error, it could be due to a "copy paste mismatch". Try copying the .rpt file in a different location and then running it.

3. This error comes up more in the case of custom reports and due to file type / path mismatch. Try pasting the file through a .zip / .rar format and then unzip it to the desired location.

4. Check for the presence of important dll files in the client computer. 

5. Verify all dependencies of craxdrt.dll have been installed and registered. (Use dependency walker and/or .dep file)

6. If files are in a network drive, move them to a local file and test again. This could be permissions on the network drive.

7. Checked  Report against the database again using Crystal Reports designer

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