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OpenEdge Architect throws error "Font xx not in fontset (4499)" at runtime.

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Article Number000033193
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 10.2B, 11.x
OS: Windows
Question/Problem Description
OpenEdge Architect throws error  "Font xx not in fontset (4499)" at runtime.

No font related errors are shown at compile time.

Projects is using a custom .ini file to define colors and fonts.

Startup parameters -basekey INI -ininame <path to ini file> are set in the project's properties. 

Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
At runtime OpenEdge Architect will use the parameters defined for the current RunConfiguration instead of the ones defined in the project's properties.
Error MessageFont xx not in fontset (4499)
Defect/Enhancement Number
The RunConfiguration setting is missing the needed startup parameters to use a custom INI file.
Add the following startup parameters in the RunConfiguration settings: -basekey INI -ininame <path to ini file> 

1-     Open the run configurations menu (click on the small black arrow just beside the RUN icon, this will show a sub menu with Run as, Run configurations, Organize favorites)

2-      Under OpenEdge Application a list of existent running configurations will be displayed. Select the configuration  used when running the application.

3-     On the right side of the window select the STARTUP tab for the current configuration.
4-      At the bottom of the STARTUP window there is a field called Additional startup parameters, add -basekey "INI" -ininame "<path to ini file>"  ,  click on Apply and close the window.
5-      Run the project making sure to use the correct RunConfiguration.

6-      The AVM will pick up the custom .ini file at runtime and will use the right font.
Ensure that the .ini file being referenced does not have the [JAVA] section in it as this will affect DeveloperStudio's startup.
Last Modified Date4/19/2019 4:13 PM