Bizpulse startup on clustered environment fails on resource 'BizPulseDB': XAER_NOTA : The XID is not valid

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Article Number000035322
EnvironmentProduct: Savvion
Version: 7.6.x
OS: Windows
Application Server: Weblogic 10.3.0
Database: Oracle 11g
Browser: NA
Question/Problem Description
Bizpulse server not starting up in a clustered environment.
Multiple error while starting Bizpulse server in cluster.
DB related issues while starting Bizpulse server in clustered environment.
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Error MessageThere was a problem starting BizPulse server: (238):SBMSequence, error: Unexpect ed exception while enlisting XAConnection java.sql.SQLException: XA error: XAResource.XAER_NOTA start() failed on resource 'BizPulseDB': XAER_NOTA : The XID is not valid
javax.transaction.xa.XAException: [savviondd][Oracle JDBC Driver]Oracle XA Error Occurred. Native Error: 24756
at Source)
Defect/Enhancement Number
Follow below steps:
  1. Open the administration console for Weblogic.
  2. Navigate to JDBC services listing all the data sources deployed on the container, from the left hand side panel.
  3. Open the details for BizpulseDB data source  and navigate to Monitor>Transaction sub tab.
  4. Modify below parameters if not already set.
  5.        Set XA Transaction Timeout
  6.        Set the XA Transaction Timeout to 0.
  7. Save and activate the changes.
  8. Restart all the server even after activating changes from Admin console
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Last Modified Date9/13/2015 6:32 AM

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