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Cannot use top-only ABL statements in SpeedScript


TitleCannot use top-only ABL statements in SpeedScript
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EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
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Other: WebSpeed
Question/Problem Description

Cannot use top-only ABL statements in SpeedScript.
Cannot use ROUTINE-LEVEL error handling statement in SpeedScript.
Cannot use USING statement in SpeedScript.
Cannot use BLOCK-LEVEL error handling statement in SpeedScript.

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Clarifying Information
Error MessageROUTINE-LEVEL ON ERROR statement must come before all executable or definitional statements. (14145)
BLOCK-LEVEL ON ERROR statement must come before all executable or definitional statements. (16743)
The USING statement must come before all other compilable statements. (13659)
Defect/Enhancement NumberDefect ADAS-11161/ PSC00250002 / OE00227519
SpeedScript is HTML code with embedded ABL statements.  In order to compile SpeedScript, the WebSpeed tools need to convert this into a compilable ABL program.  

When this conversion is being performed, the WebSpeed tool code inserts code above the first lines in the SpeedScript program into the converted file and this causes errors due to the fact that both ROUTINE-LEVEL and USING are required to be at the top of the program with no other compilable statements before them.
None at this time.
The attached program (e4gl-gen.p) is from the webtools folder in the WebSpeed installation.  To use this, create a directory higher in your PROPATH than the WebSpeed install named webtools and copy the program into that folder. Compile the procedure and generate the r-code. 

The program contains comments before and after each specific modification that was made for this feature.  The comments contain the word 'TopLineMods' to make it easier to locate the modifications.

In the first line of the HTML file add the entries in one line as follows:

USING Progress.Lang.*.  USING  OpenEdge.Net.HTTP.*.

The following article contains links to the WebSpeed source code.  The provided code fix should be copied into the version of the program that you are using, then transplanted to the new installation upon upgrade to any new release.

 Where are the ADE - OpenEdge Development Tools Source Code Downloads?
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Files 1. e4gl-gen.p
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