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How to change the properties of a REST application

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Article Number000038774
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 11.2 , 11.3
OS: All supported platforms
Question/Problem Description
How to change the properties of a REST application?
How to change which AppServer is connected by an OpenEdge REST Web Service?
How to change values stored in runtime.props file of a REST application?
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There are 3 ways of editing/modifying the properties of a REST application:

1) Manually editing the runtime.props file.
The runtime.props contains information about the AppService used by the application, along with other information. This method is most common in a deployment environment where the REST Management Agent (e.g. restmgr1) has not been deployed.

In a deployment environment, the runtime.props file is normally located here:
<Tomcat InstallDir>\webapps\<application name>\WEB-INF\adapters\runtime.props

In a Progress Development Studio environment, the runtime.props file is normally located here:
<OpenEdge InstallDir>\servers\tomcat\webapps\<application name>\WEB-INF\adapters\runtime.props (OpenEdge 11.2)
<OpenEdge InstallDir>\servers\tomcat\pdsoe\<application name>\WEB-INF\adapters\runtime.props (OpenEdge 11.3 or later)

For example to specify the AppServer connection parameters, please change/review the following properties:


2) Using the restman command-line utility.
This is only possible in environments that have a REST Management Agent (e.g. restmgr1) installed.

Using Proenv, type in the following commands:
restman -i restmgr1 -appname <service name> -disable
restman -i restmgr1 -appname <service name> -setprops -prop appServiceName -value <broker name>
restman -i restmgr1 -appname <service name> -enable

3) Using OE Management/Explorer.
In the Resources view, select <your-machine-name>.<REST Management Agent> (e.g. myhostname.restmgr1) in the OE Web Servers group by clicking on the blue (link) text.

In the next screen, 
a. Select the REST Applications link
b. Disable the specific service
c. Select the service which will show all properties underneath
d. Change the property value and re-enable the service.
References to Other Documentation:
OpenEdge Application Server: Administration
Last Modified Date5/31/2016 2:06 PM