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What is the _id field in a JSDO?

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Article Number000041675
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 11.2
OS: Android, iOS
Other: JavaScript
Question/Problem Description
What is the _id field in a JSDO?
What is the purpose of the JSDO _id?
What assumptions can be made about the value of a JSDO when developing an OpenEdge Mobile App?
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OpenEdge adds an _id field to each temp-table when creating a JSDO (JavaScript Data Object) in an OpenEdge Mobile App. It is an an internal identifier used by the JSDO to locate rows in local storage. Each row is given a unique _id value.

The application programmer does not need to know the value of the _id field because it is populated and used by the JSDO. However, the application programmer may wish to assign its value to a local storage variable and use that variable to retrieve a particular row after navigating between pages in an app.


Last Modified Date7/1/2013 8:27 PM