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What are the values that can be set to CfJDBC connection property cryptoProtocolVersion ?

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Article Number000046539
EnvironmentProduct:Connect for JDBC
Version: (F000112.U000049)
OS:All supported platforms
Database:All supported databases
Application:All supported applications
Question/Problem Description
What are the values that can be set to connection property cryptoProtocolVersion ?
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Connection option cryptoProtocolVersion is introduced in Connect for JDBC (F000112.U000049).

Valid values for cryptoProtocolVersion are SLv3,TLSv1,TLSv1.1,TLSv1.2.
Note that only one value must be provided.
When a valid value is set    : The driver chooses the given SSL protocol to communicate with the server.
When an invalid value is set: The driver falls back to the default behaviour.
When no value is set          : DataDirect JDBC Driver for all Databases except Sybase, MySQL default to JVM's choice 
                                          DataDirect JDBC Driver for Sybase, MySQL defaults to TLSv1 
The default value set for cryptoProtocolVersion can be found by printing sslSocket.getEnabledProtocols(); 

Last Modified Date2/3/2014 8:57 AM