How to unlock AppServer agents in LOCKED status after a network failure


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EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
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How to unlock AppServer Agents in LOCKED status after a network failure?
Is there a way to unlock AppServer Agents in a LOCKED state after a network failure?
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Environment was experiencing network problems, more specifically network bandwidth bottleneck. Agents were stuck on LOCKED because it lost the connection to the AppServer client it was currently associated with.
The AppServer KeepAlive (ASK) Protocol can be enabled on both the Server and client side if the configuration is not set up SSL:
  • non-SSL AppServer connections via a NameServer (AppServer protocol)
  • non-SSL AppServer direct connections (AppServerDC protocol)

1. To enable the ASK Protocol on the Server Side, modify the file as follows:

serverASKActivityTimeout=<Time in Seconds to send the request to client>
serverASKResponseTimeout=<Time in Seconds to wait for response from client>

2. Include the -AppServerKeepalive allowServerASK parameter to enable the ASK protocol on ABL/4GL client side:
hAppSrv:CONNECT ("-AppService <appservername> -H <host> -S <port/service name> -AppServerKeepalive allowServerASK").

Or do not include -AppServerKeepalive parameter because the default value is allowServerASK.
hAppSrv:CONNECT ("-AppService <appservername> -H <host> -S <port/service name> ).

Obs: The ASK protocol on the client is disabled by  adding  -AppServerKeepalive denyServerASK in the CONNECT method.
hAppSrv:CONNECT ("-AppService <appservername> -H <host> -S <port/service name> -AppServerKeepalive denyServerASK").

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