Combo-box does not compile when List-Items/List-Item-Pairs character value contains question mark (?)


Article Number000064496
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: all versions between 10.2B and 11.6
OS: All supported platforms
Question/Problem Description
If combo-box contains a question mark in one of it's entries, program can run and it works. However if .w file is saved, closed and reopened in AppBuilder or PDSOE, question mark(?) is quoted, several errors pops up and .w can not be compiled until quotation marks are removed. 

The question mark ? is replaced with "?" and that collides with other quotes being used in the DEFINE VARIABLE phrase. If the quotes surrounding the question mark are removed, it works again. However on close and reopen of .w, compilation error pops up and quotes are back. 
Steps to ReproduceHappens every time.
Clarifying Information
Steps to reproduce:
1. Open ComboBox_error.w (attached below) in AppBuilder or in PDSOE
2. The question mark ? is probably already replaced with "?" and that collides with other quotes being used in the DEFINE VARIABLE phrase. Remove them and run .w. This works.
3. Close and reopen .w again. Compilation error. 
Error MessageThe file was saved. However, it did not compile successfully.
Would you like to view the compilation errors?

This file cannot be analyzed by the AppBuilder.
Please check these problems in your file or environment:
** Unable to understand after -- "<string>". (247)
** <program> Could not understand line <number>. (198)
** Unknown Field or Variable name - <field-name>. (201)
** <program> Could not understand line <number>. (196)
Defect/Enhancement NumberDefect PSC00342893
The exact cause is not known at this time.
Until the fix is available, use the workaround below.
Add the value dynamically, don't use static entries with question mark. For example by using ADD-LAST statement. For an example please refer to the file attached below.
Last Modified Date11/12/2015 10:04 AM

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