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CRC mismatch after adding a new field to Oracle database

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Article Number000065440
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 11.5, 11.6, 11.7
OS: Window Server
Other: Oracle Database 11g
Question/Problem Description
CRC mismatch after adding a new field to Oracle database 
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Oracle database was accessed via OpenEdge Oracle Dataserver
After Oracle Database table was changed by adding a new field, OpenEdge Data Admin, DataServer, Oracle Utilities, Update/Add Table Definitions was performed
Programs that presented CRC mismatch were ABL programs compiled prior to add a new field to Oracle database

Error Message
Defect/Enhancement Number
In the OpenEdge Product Documentation:"OpenEdge Getting Started: New and Revised Features" version 11.0, in "What's New in 11.0", under "Dataservers," "Field position-independent r-code", it says that as of this version (11) the position of the field in the Oracle database no longer interferes with the CRC calculation, and it is possible to adjust the schema holder to solve problems of "schema-mismatch" without having to recompile the programs. 

The feature "Field position-independent r-code" is not about adding a new field in the schema holder and get pre-compiled r-code running. The feature only allows to run the pre-compiled r-code against a schema holder where the field position of the existing fields gets modified.

Adding a new field in the schema holder and allow pre-compiled r-code is a separate feature and at the moment of writing this article, December 28, 2015, is currently available in MSS Dataserver from 11.4 onwards.

For Oracle Dataserver adding a new field will still give a CRC mismatch error if try to run the pre-compiled r-code; recompiling r-code is required in Oracle Dataserver. There is an estimation however that this feature will be available in OpenEdge version 12.0 onwards.
Last Modified Date1/25/2018 6:35 PM