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Errors 748 and 5291 trying to connect a remote database

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TitleErrors 748 and 5291 trying to connect a remote database
URL Name19215
Article Number000173327
EnvironmentProduct: Open Edge
Version: 10.x, 11.x
OS: All supported platforms
Other: Database
Question/Problem Description
Errors 748 and 5291 trying to connect a remote database
Current number of clients is less than the number specified in -n at database server startup.
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Error MessageYou have attempted to connect to a database with too many users connected to it. Retry the connection later, or increase -n on the server. (5291)
Connect from a remote client fails with error (748)
The server or the system has no more resources. Try a larger -n. (748)
Defect/Enhancement Number
The number of remote clients is limited by the lesser between -n and the product of multiplying -Mn and -Ma.

For example:

proserve sports -N tcp -S prosv04 -n 10 -Mn 3 -Ma 2

In this scenario, only 6 remote clients will be allowed to connect to the database (3 times 2), though -n is set to 10. While the 6 remote clients are connected, it is still possible to connect 4 more local clients, for a total of 10 connections.
Review your settings for -n, -Mn and -Ma and change it accordantly.

In order to view your current settings, you can run promon against the database, then in the main menu select option "6. Shared Resources". If you started the database server with '-n 10 -Mn 3 -Ma 2', you would see something like the following:

Shared Resources:
               After-image file name (-a): -
          Number of database buffers (-B): 88
 Number of before image buffers (-bibufs): 5
  Number of after image buffers (-aibufs): 5
              Before-image file name (-g): -
      Before-image truncate interval (-G): 60
                 No crash protection (-i): Not enabled
Maximum private buffers per user (-Bpmax): 22
       Current size of locking table (-L): 8192
             Locking table entries in use: 0
            Locking table high water mark: 1
Maximum number of clients per server (-Ma): 2      <-------- -Ma
        Delay of before-image flush (-Mf): 3
          Maximum number of servers (-Mn): 3      <-------- -Mn
             Maximum number of users (-n): 11     <-------- -n

            Before-image file I/O (-r -R): Raw
             Shared memory version number: 9056
                Number of semaphores used: 18
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