ABLUnit returns file not found. (293) on Linux when folder specified in json file


Article Number000090391
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 11.7.3
OS: Linux/Unix
Question/Problem Description
When using the json configuration, a folder can be defined for tests.
During ABL unit testing on Unix/Linux, if a "folder" is specified in the "tests" section of the json file passed to the ABLUnit.p , rather than a "test", then a (293) is returned.
Steps to ReproduceTested on CentOS Linux 7.0 64-bit, OE 11.7.3 64-bit.

1. Set up test folders:

mkdir ABLUnitTest
cd ABLUnitTest
mkdir projectFiles

2. Create configLinux.json -

"options": {
"output": {
"location": "/usr/wrk/ABLUnitTest",
"format": "xml"
"quitOnEnd": true,
"writeLog": true,
"showErrorMessage": true,
"throwError": true
"tests": [{
"folder": "/usr/wrk/ABLUnitTest/projectFiles"

3. cd projectFiles

4. Create some test proc -

/* DispMsg.p */
output to "/usr/wrk/ABLUnitTest/message.txt"

display "This is a message".
output close.

/* TestDispMsg.p */
using Progress.Lang.*.
block-level on error undo, throw.

procedure TestDispMsg:
run /usr/wrk/ABLUnitTest/projectFiles/DispMsg.p.
end procedure.

5. cd ..

6. mpro -b -p ABLUnitCore.p -param "CFG=/usr/wrk/ABLUnitTest/configLinux.json" > log.txt

returns -

** "/usr/wrk/ABLUnitTest/projectFiles\TestDispMsg.p" was not found. (293)
Clarifying Information
Error Message** "<file-name>" was not found. (293)
Defect/Enhancement NumberDefect OCTA-7182
A backslash gets inserted into the path rather than a forward slash.
Upgrade to OpenEdge 11.7.4 Service Pack where this issue was fixed by adding forward slashes which will work in both Windows and unix/linux environments
If the filename and path to the test file procedure are specified, then the file is found, e.g. if specifying in the json file -

"tests": [
"test": "/usr/wrk/ABLUnitTest/projectFiles/TestDispMsg.p"

Last Modified Date2/13/2019 3:54 PM

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