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"Bad OData Format" error with DataDirect Cloud when using Tableau

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Article Number000072413
EnvironmentProduct: DataDirect Cloud
Version: 2.0
Database: Rollbase
Application: Tableau
Question/Problem Description
The below error is received when using Tableau as application.
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Error MessageBad OData Format. Make sure you are using a URL that points to a valid OData Source.
Defect/Enhancement Number
Tableau is different than most other OData clients that it wants the URL to contain a specific entity (table). Most other OData clients are looking for the root URL of the service.
Make sure that the name of the table is specified in the URL. For example, if the DSN is SQLServerTest and the table is Customers, then specify:

Also make sure that the name of the OData entity that maps to the table and the case of the entity name match. For example, suppose the name of the table is Customer in the database: in the OData model the name that is exposed is pluralized so the name becomes Customers

To see the name of the entities exposed by the OData service, submit a GET request to the root URL for the service in a browser or in a REST tool such as Postman:

In the response, the correct table name is specified:

<service xmlns="">
<collection href="Customers">
Last Modified Date8/3/2016 10:36 AM