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Can PASOE agent logs be rolled over based on file size?

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Article Number000081222
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: All supported versions
OS: All supported platforms
Other: PASOE
Question/Problem Description
Can PASOE agent logs be rolled over based on file size?
Is it possible to configure the PASOE agent log to roll over to a new log once a size threshold is reached? 
Is there a way to break up or split PASOE agent logs?
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
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Defect/Enhancement NumberEnhancement
Support for Agent log file roll-over has been implemented in OpenEdge as of version 11.7. Prior to 11.7. there was no support for Agent log file roll-over.

The PASOE Agent log can be configured to roll-over every day at midnight like the other Tomcat components but it cannot roll-over based on size. To do so look for the setting agentLogFile in the <CATALINA_BASE>\conf\ for more information:

        Location, name, and roll-over of the agent log file.
        To have the agent log file rollover at midnight add {yyyy-MM-dd} for the same format 
                as other log files.
        Example:  <path-to>/<instancename>.agent.{yyyy-MM-dd}.log

It was determined that the Progress Product is functioning as designed.
If the ability to roll-over based on the file size is needed, an enhancement to the product can be requested through the Progress Community via an Ideas submission.  Customer feedback is valuable and Idea submissions are monitored by our Product Management team.  Enhancement requests are reviewed during the planning phase of each new product release and a list of the enhancements chosen for implementation can be found in the Release Notes documents that accompany each release.  Once an Idea is submitted the Progress Software Community will have the opportunity to comment on and vote for the Idea.
For detailed information on how to submit an Idea, please refer to Knowledge Base article 000010839, How to submit an idea for a Progress product enhancement.
Using other tool to monitor the log file size and using the "tcman clean -A" to archive the log (note: this will archive all PASOE logs not just the agent log).
If you have OpenEdge Management, it is possible to use a File Monitor to monitor the size of the log and execute a Management Job on an alert.
Last Modified Date4/17/2018 6:35 PM