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Client crashes when requesting next value of a sequence from a MSSQL database.

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TitleClient crashes when requesting next value of a sequence from a MSSQL database.
URL NameClient-crashes-when-requesting-next-value-of-a-sequence-from-a-MSSQL-database
Article Number000113061
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 11.7.4
OS: Windows
Other: DataServer
Question/Problem Description
Client crashes when requesting next value of a sequence from a MSSQL database.
Crash seems to be happening when NEXT-VALUE is called. 
Full stack trace from _progres on Windows reads:

Progress OpenEdge Release 11.7 build 1685 SP04 on WINNT 

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION
Fault address:  00007FF8816DFE63 01:000000000062EE63 <DLC>\bin\prow.dll

Debugging dll: <DLC>\bin\DBGHELP.DLL
Symbol Path:

Call Stack:
Address           Frame
00007FF8816DFE63  00000031A229D730  rcUpgradeRecord+3D153
00007FF8816E89BB  00000031A229D960  rcUpgradeRecord+45CAB
00007FF8812BD359  00000031A229D990  ProStartup+D5C89
00007FF8812BD0DF  00000031A229DA80  ProStartup+D5A0F
00007FF881169CE6  00000031A229DB20  update_srvrLoggingLevel+36416
00007FF8811938A0  00000031A229DB70  update_srvrLoggingLevel+5FFD0
00007FF88119C721  00000031A229DC30  update_srvrLoggingLevel+68E51
00007FF8814AFE56  00000031A229DD30  dbut_utfIsLink+92896
00007FF8814E8CA5  00000031A229DDE0  dbut_utfIsLink+CB6E5
00007FF8814F3C9A  00000031A229DE10  dbut_utfIsLink+D66DA
00007FF8813082F7  00000031A229DEB0  ProStartup+120C27
00007FF88177E6AC  00000031A229DF90  rcUpgradeRecord+DB99C
00007FF8817887B1  00000031A229DFC0  rcUpgradeRecord+E5AA1
00007FF8818634B2  00000031A229E020  Progress::ClrBridge::rnProFromClr::runEventDispatcher+12
00007FF82D90DABD  00000031A229E028  0000:0000000000000000 
0000000000000002  00000031A229E030  0000:0000000000000000 
00007FF8C0000005  00000031A229E038  0000:0000000000000000 
00000031A229C560  00000031A229E040  0000:0000000000000000 
0000000000020264  00000031A229E048  0000:0000000000000000 
0000AD9AAD5EA5E6  00000031A229E050  0000:0000000000000000 
00007FF88CC79948  00000031A229E058  LegacyNGenTryEnumerateFusionCache+D2208
00000031A229E6B8  00000031A229E060  0000:0000000000000000 
0000FFF1030C6941  00000031A229E068  0000:0000000000000000 
0000FFF1030C6941  00000031A229E070  0000:0000000000000000 
00000031A229E030  00000031A229E078  0000:0000000000000000 
00007FF82D90DABD  00000031A229E080  0000:0000000000000000 
00000031A229E0D0  00000031A229E088  0000:0000000000000000 
0000FFF1030C6941  00000031A229E090  0000:0000000000000000 
0000000000000002  00000031A229E098  0000:0000000000000000 
00000031A229E278  00000031A229E0A0  0000:0000000000000000 
00000031A229E300  00000031A229E0A8  0000:0000000000000000 
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Error Message
Defect/Enhancement Number
The exact cause is not known at this time.
Please contact technical support for further troubleshooting. 
None at this time.
Last Modified Date6/17/2019 4:33 PM
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