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Debugger not showing available temp-tables of dataset-handle passed to subprocedure.


TitleDebugger not showing available temp-tables of dataset-handle passed to subprocedure.
URL NameDebugger-not-showing-available-temp-tables-of-datasethandle-passed-to-subprocedure
Article Number000138464
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 11.7.x
OS: Windows
Other: Standalone debugger
Question/Problem Description
Customer has a large application. The application is being written in Progeess Developer Studio for OpenEdge (PDS for OpenEdge). For debugging purposes, the developer has added the ABL statements DEBUGGER:INITIATE() and DEBUGGER:SET-BREAK(), for setting a break-point in his code. The developer then steps into a few layers. At this stage, in a subprocedure, a dataset was passed into the subprocedure as a dataset-handle. The developer attempts to view the buffers or temp-tables of the dataset-handle through the debugger as follows:

Shows the view buttons on the standalone debugger.

When one of the buffers or temp-tables is selected and the Dataview menu option is selected, an error message appears with the following message:

<table name> is an invalid buffer reference. The same message appears whether the buffer or temp-tables button is selected.

Shows the error message that pops up.

If the variables button is selected, a temp-table handle value has been assigned to a handle variable and the Dataview menu option is selected, the fields and values of the temp-table are viewable. 

Shows the fields displayed from the variables window.
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Application is developed in PDS for OpenEdge.
The application is being tested by using the Run External Tools option of the PDS for OpenEdge tool bar and an ant script is run that starts prowin which runs the application.
DEBUGGER:INITIATE and DEBUGGER:SET-BREAK statements are included in the source code to set an initial breakpoint and start up the standalone debugger.
Error Message<table name> is an invalid buffer reference.
Defect/Enhancement Number
The exact cause is not known at this time.
This is thought to be a limitation of the standalone debugger.
None at this time.
Use the debugger that is built into PDS for OpenEdge. The debugger in PDS for OpenEdge does not issue the error message when the buffers are selected and the attributes and values are displayed.
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