Disk space is not reclaimed after running AUDITRECONFIG


Article Number000093767
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 11.3 and later
OS: All supported platforms
Other: auditing, proutil
Question/Problem Description
After Archiving and Purging all the Audit Data, the allocated space is not reclaimed.
The same amount of space free/available as was before Archive & Purge with AUDITRECONFIG
Audit Storage area High Water mark remains after running AUDITRECONFIG
Cannot reclaim disk space after running AUDITRECONFIG
AUDITRECONFIG is supposed to completely empty the Audit Data but Audit extents cannot be removed with PROSTRCT REMOVE
The last extent of area Audit Data is in use. (8565)
Extent delete rejected. (6961)


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When auditreconfig is used to purge data in existing audit data areas, it does not reset the high water mark of the area.
While auditreconfig deletes all auditing data records, the schema tables remain which prevent the first audit area extent(s) from being removed with PROSTRCT REMOVE:

aud-file-policy, _aud-field-policy, _aud-event-policy, _aud-event, _aud-audit-policy, _aud-audit-data-value, _aud-audit-data
Move existing audit data and indexes to new areas with auditreconfig to re-size the Audit Archive Storage areas:

1. Ensure existing audit data is exported with PROUTIL AUDITARCHIVE, otherwise auditreconfig is going to delete all auditing records

2. Create new Type II Storage Areas to associate the audit tables with then use auditreconfig to restructure:

$ proutil <dbname> -C auditreconfig tablearea <new-table-area-name> indexarea <new-index-area-name> -user <Audit Data Archiver>
The operation will delete all auditing data records.
You must archive auditing data first.
Have you archived the data already and do you want to continue? (Y/N) (16987)
Auditreconfig started. (16973)
Reconfiguring tables ... (16979)
Auditreconfig completed. (16975)

3. Truncate the bi file:

$ proutil <dbname> -C truncate bi

4. Delete the extents on the old audit area(s) until all extents are deleted. Extents will be removed from the last extent to the first extent in the area.
$ prostrct remove <dbname> d "OE Audit Data"
$ prostrct remove <dbname> d "OE Audit Indexes"
For further clarification on the AUDITRECONFIG functionality, refer to the Documentation:
OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration, Auditing, Reconfiguring Audit Areas
Last Modified Date1/11/2019 8:28 AM

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