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How to attach related record(s)


Article Number000062743
EnvironmentProduct: Rollbase
Version: All Supported Versions
Question/Problem Description
How to attach related record(s) from a trigger using rbv_api.attach() api?
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To use the rbv_api.attach() API to attach a record:
1. Create 2 objects, Object A and Object B, with 1:N relationship (assumes this results a relationship Name R1234)
2. Create record to A (record A1:id=4321) and B (record B1:id=1234)
3. In Object A create an Object Script trigger and specify the code below:
    rbv_api.attach("R1234", "objectA", {!id}, "objectB", 1234);

See attached example. It has a description and comments within the Trigger code.

References to other documentation:
Rollbase Use's Guide, Chapter 14: "Object Script API > rbv_api.attach()".
Last Modified Date4/15/2019 5:46 AM