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How to force "Copy source local"

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Article Number000058138
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 11.2, 11.3, 11.4, 11.5
OS: Windows
Question/Problem Description
How to force "Copy source local"

A suggested recovery procedure when the "Copy source local" option of a Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge project stops refreshing the source files for unknown reasons
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If the "Copy source local" option of a Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge project stops refreshing the source files unexpectedly, the local Mobile project in PDS and the Mobile App project in the cloud-based Mobile App Builder may simply have gotten out of sync. While it may be obvious how the problem occurred (for example, the Mobile App was deleted and restored directly in the Mobile App Builder rather than starting the action from PDS), in some cases the developer may not know exactly what action caused the problem.

The following procedure will force a copy of all source files from a Mobile App Builder project to its associated PDS project, and restore "Copy source local" functionality so it works correctly thereafter:
  1. Before beginning, make a backup of the Mobile AppBuilder project as follows:
    1. Open the app in the Mobile App Builder.
    2. Click "Actions" from the menu at the top of the page.
    3. Select "Backup" from the drop-down list. A backup file named "project_<some number>" will be downloaded to the default download location used by the browser.
  2. In the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Project Explorer view, expand the "Mobile Apps" node of the Mobile project and select the Mobile app 
  3. In the "src" node under the selected Mobile app, manually delete the source files
  4. In the Mobile App Builder, make some small change to the App and save it.
  5. In PDS, repeat the "Copy Source Local" operation.
The above procedure is not guaranteed to work in every case. If it does not restore full "Copy source local" functionality, contact Progress Technical Support for further assistance.

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000041370, Copy Source Local does not import the files from the Mobile App Builder
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