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How to move sf_oc_itms and sf_oc_dpndncies to a separate database

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Article Number000099496
EnvironmentProduct: Sitefinity
Version:11.1, 12.x
OS: All supported OS versions
Database: All supported Microsoft SQL Server versions
Question/Problem Description
Can the database tables for sf_oc_itms and sf_oc_dpndncies be moved to a separate database?
Steps to Reproduce
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1. Setup new connection string to the database that will host sf_oc_xxxx tables from Administration->Settings->Advanced->Data->Connection Strings and click Create new.
2. Fill in the textboxes with

Name: specify any name for the connection string
ConnectionString: the connection with DB server, username/pass altogether

Click Save changes

3. Go to Administration->Settings->Advanced->OutputCache->Providers->OpenAccessOutputCacheRelationsProvider->Parameters and click Create new.
4. Fill in the textboxes with:

Key: connectionString
Value: name of the connection string specified in step 2 above.

Save changes

5. Restart the site in order to activate the configured settings.

After the restart in the new database linked with the second connection string will be created tables:

and the data for Sitefinity dependencies will be persisted there. The data in the abovementioned tables in Sitefinity will not be deleted after this operation. The tables in the main site database have to be cleared manually if needed. It is not in use and will not be queried.
There will be more load on the new database until Sitefinity builds up all dependencies for the items on the site to the state they had in the previous database. This buildup will occur as the site is in use, the cache expires and gets created again.
Last Modified Date11/8/2019 1:42 PM