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How to start Corticon Progress Application Server (PAS) as a Windows Service ?

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Article Number000065291
EnvironmentProduct: Corticon Server
Version: 5.5 and higher
OS: Windows
Database: N/A
Browser: N/A
Application Server: PAS (Apache Tomcat )
Question/Problem Description

How to start Corticon Progress Application Server (PAS) as a Windows Service ?

Steps to Reproduce
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a] Open a Corticon Command Prompt as Administrator and cd into the CORTICON_WORK_DIR/pas/server/bin
E.g Start Menu-->All Programs-->Progress--.Corticon 5.5-->Corticon Command Prompt
cd into C:\Users\Administrator\Progress\CorticonWork_5.5\pas\server\bin

b] Run tcman instances – this will give the list of pas instances registered and it should list the instance in the CORTICON_WORK_DIR. 
E.g. output  _Corticon_ | C:\Users\Administrator\Progress\CorticonWork_5.5\pas\server | instance | ok

c] Run tcman service _Corticon_ register – this registers the _Corticon_ instance that was listed above.

d] The Progress Pacific Application Server _Corticon_ service should be seen in the Services Manager.

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