Httpclient: fmtoday: system date conversion error.


Article Number000091517
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 11.6
OS: Windows 10
Other: Httpclient
Question/Problem Description
When executing an HTTP request using PUT method, OpenEdge returns the error below for only one user.


USING OpenEdge.Core.*.
USING OpenEdge.Net.*.
USING OpenEdge.Net.HTTP.*.
USING Progress.Json.ObjectModel.*.
USING Progress.Lang.*.
USING OpenEdge.Net.HTTP.lib.ClientLibraryBuilder.

DEFINE VARIABLE oLib           AS OpenEdge.Net.HTTP.IHttpClientLibrary NO-UNDO.
DEFINE VARIABLE oHttpClient    AS OpenEdge.Net.HTTP.IHttpClient        NO-UNDO.
DEFINE VARIABLE oRequest       AS IHttpRequest                         NO-UNDO.
DEFINE VARIABLE oResponse      AS IHttpResponse                        NO-UNDO.
DEFINE VARIABLE oURI           AS URI                                  NO-UNDO.
     ASSIGN oURI      = NEW URI("localhost").
            oURI:port = 8080.
            oURI:PATH = "/test".

      ASSIGN oRequest = RequestBuilder:PUT(oURI, NEW String(""))
             :AddHeader('Authorization', 'Bearer ' + "<base64-token>" )
             :AddHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json')             

      ASSIGN oLib        = ClientLibraryBuilder:Build():sslVerifyHost(NO):library
             oHttpClient = ClientBuilder:Build():UsingLibrary(oLib):Client.

      oResponse = ResponseBuilder:Build():Response.      
      oHttpClient:Execute(oRequest, oResponse).
MESSAGE oResponse:StatusCode   SKIP 
        oResponse:StatusReason SKIP
        oResponse:ContentType  SKIP
        oResponse:Entity:ToString() VIEW-AS ALERT-BOX.
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
The same request works when executed from the server hosting the application.
Error MessageSYSTEM ERROR: fmtoday: system date conversion error. (45)
Error reading socket, ret=10054, erro=2. (778)
** Incomplete write when writing to the server. (735)
Defect/Enhancement Number
The exact cause is not known at this time.
None at this time.
Add HttpVersion method to the request call.

      ASSIGN oRequest = RequestBuilder:PUT(oURI, NEW String(""))
             :AddHeader('Authorization', 'Bearer ' + "<base64-token>" )
             :AddHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json')
Last Modified Date9/12/2018 7:39 PM

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