Is it allowed to add items to a Pro2SQL target database?


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Is it allowed to add items to a Pro2SQL target database?

Is it allowed to add items to a Pro2SQL target database that are not present in the source database(s)?

Is it allowed to add new indexes to a target MS SQL database?

Are there restrictions on adding tables, fields or indexes to the target database?

Will adding tables, fields or indexes to a Pro2 target database affect Pro2 operations?

Will adding new index on target MS SQL database for pro2modified and pro2created fields affect the normal operation of replication?
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Per the Pro2 documentation, it is permitted to add tables, fields, foreign keys, and indexes to the target database as needed for reporting or business goals without any impact to Pro2 Replication.

It is permitted to add and delete index information on the target database without interfering with Pro2 Replication as long as no unique keys are added and as long as the PRROWID key is not modified.

When Pro2 is setup a SQL is generated with CREATE INDEX statements for all of the source table's indices, however they are not typically applied to the target database unless this is desired by the customer.
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Pro2 User Guide : Target SQL Schema : 
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