OpenEdge Replication agent fails to start after Windows update


Article Number000090954
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 11.3
OS:Windows 2012 R2
Other: OpenEdge Replication
Question/Problem Description
OpenEdge Replication agent fails to start after Windows update

Startup of the replication agent fails with the error (10830).

Most of the After Image extents are in Locked status.
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
A Windows update has been applied to both source and target sites while the database is running.
Error Message(10830) You are not licensed to access the database.
(10429) The user failed to connect to database c:\db\sports with error -1 in rpDB_OpenDatabase.
(-----) Unable to connect to database c:\db\sports.
(10215) The executable C:\PROGRESS\OPENEDGE\BIN\RPSERVER.EXE started by the DB Service manager ended in error.
(-----) Unable to restart OpenEdge Replication Server
Defect/Enhancement Number
Unknown at the time of this writing.
To recover from this do the following:

1) Make sure there are enough After Image extents available (at least two).

To check the status of the After Image extents use the command: 

   rfutil <database> -C aimage list

2) Stop the source and target databases

3) Add the required After Image extents using the command: 

prostrct add <database>

Where the has the additional After Image extent definitions.

4) Restart the source and target machines, then restart the OpenEdge Replication server and the OpenEdge replication agent. 
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