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Oracle Service Cloud error "Poor performing query"

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Article Number000067444
EnvironmentProduct: Progress DataDirect for ODBC for Oracle Service Cloud Driver
Version: 7.1, 8.0
Product: Progress DataDirect for JDBC for Oracle Service Cloud Driver
Version: 5.1, 6.0
Product: DataDirect Cloud Oracle Service Cloud data source
Question/Problem Description
Error "Poor performing query - too many rows examined in statement" is returned from Oracle Service Cloud.  Are there configuration options that can help?
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Error Message[DataDirect][ODBC Oracle Service Cloud driver][Oracle Service Cloud]Poor performing query - too many rows examined in statement [SELECT  * from RIGHTNOW.INCIDENT]
Defect/Enhancement Number
Queries sent to Oracle Service Cloud are resulting in large join operations on the Oracle Service Cloud backend, which are then terminated by the Oracle Service Cloud service.
Set these options in the data source or connection string:

CreateDB=1                                            //Set this option the first time a connection is made, to force a new map to be created due to the ConfigOptions change above, then change back to 2..
WSFetchSize=10000                             //Use larger values if stmtCallLimit is hit, use smaller values if error "Poor performing query" is still encountered.
EnablePagingWithOrderByID=1       //This is the default value, so it probably does not need to be explicitly set.

Note: For DataDirect Cloud, NamedID Behavior is set on the Mapping tab under Set Map Options.

Last Modified Date3/23/2016 6:01 PM