Error 7351 and 3135 moving code from Progress 9.1D to Progress 9.1C

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Article Number000010189
EnvironmentNo errors raised in Progress 9.1D06 or later
Using following line in code to clear handle variable:DELETE OBJECT <Buffer-Field-Handle>.
All Supported Operating Systems
Progress 9.1C
Progress 9.1D
Question/Problem Description
Error 7351 and 3135 moving code from Progress 9.1D to Progress 9.1C
Code run in Progress 9.1C raises errors 7351 and 3135
BUFFER-FIELD <field-name> was not found in buffer <buffer-name>. (7351)
Invalid widget-handle.  Not initialized or points to a deleted widget. (3135)
<Buffer-Field-Handle> variable is used again later in the code after this statement has executed
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Error Message
Defect/Enhancement NumberOE00086702
It is not correct to do DELETE OBJECT on any buffer field object (or on the default buffer handle for a static temp-table). The destruction of these are managed by the 4GL interpreter.
From Progress 9.1D06, if the 4GL code does a DELETE OBJECT on either of these, it will now be ignored and no error will be raised. Prior to this release, the buffer field object would be deleted, hence the errors.
Clear the handle variable with the following code rather than using DELETE OBJECT:

<Buffer-Field-Handle> = ?.
Last Modified Date9/13/2015 10:30 AM

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