How to calculate the maximum Storage Area size ?


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How to calculate the maximum Storage Area size ?
What is the Progress database maximum Storage Area size limit ?
How big can a Storage Area be ?
How to calculate the Maximum Number of Database Blocks Per Storage Area ?
What is the Maximum data storage area size with a database 1k blocksize?
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For any Progress database, prior to OpenEdge 10.1B, before the introduction of 64-bit rowids (2^63 rowids) when used in conjunction with Type II Storage Areas, the Progress Database has a two billion rowid (2^31) maximum per database Storage Area which limits the maximum Storage Area size.

In these versions or 10.1B and later versions that still use Type I Storage Areas, the maximum application Storage Area size is determined by three values:
  1. Maximum number of records per Storage Area: 2,147,483,648
  2. Number of Records Per Block of the area as defined in the structure file:
  3. Database block size
To calculate the maximum 32-bit rowid Storage Area, first, it is necessary to calculate the Maximum number of database blocks per Storage Area using:

Maximum number of database blocks per Storage Area = Maximum number of records per storage area / number of records per block

Then use the result to calculate the Maximum Storage Area Size:

Maximum storage area size = Maximum number of database blocks per storage area * Database block size


A database that uses a Type I Storage Area with 32 records per block and a 4K (4096 bytes) database block size.

Maximum number of database blocks per Storage Area = 2,147,483,648 / 32 = 67,108,864
Maximum storage area size = 67,108,864 * 4096 = 274,877,906,944 bytes = 256GB.

The following table provides a Quick Reference lookup of the most common RPB values:
Records per BlockDatabase Blocksize

References to Other Documentation:

Progress Database Administration Guide and Reference, Part I Chapter 3: "Progress Database Limits".
Progress Database Administration Guide and Reference, "Table 3: Maximum Application Data Storage Area Size"

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