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Debugger listing not found when attaching debugger to batch client

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Article Number000010572
EnvironmentAttaching debugger to batch client
Batch client running on remote machine from debugger
OpenEdge 10.x
Question/Problem Description
Debugger listing not found when attaching debugger to batch client
No Debugger listing file available for <procedure>. (3071)
No Debugger listing file available for <random series of characters>. (3071)
Procedure compiled without debug listing option
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Error Message
Defect/Enhancement Number
When the r-code is generated, debugging information is saved into the debugger segment.
If a debug-list is specified, the name for the debug-list is included in this information. Otherwise, when the debugger is started an attempt is made to generate a temporary debug-list with a random file name on the machine doing the compile.

The debug-list has to be available on the machine where the debugger is running. So unless this has direct access to the batch client's temp files - which is usually impossible due to file sharing and/or permission issues - it will not be able to find this temporary debug-list even if it is successfully generated.
Compile the r-code using the debug-list option, and store the generated debug-list in a location accessible to the debugger.
When running from source code, the same issue will be seen as the implicit compile will not include a specific debug-list name in the generated r-code.
This issue has also been reported while attaching to an AppServer agent instead of a batch client
Last Modified Date9/13/2015 10:46 AM