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What is the algorithm used by the ENCODE() 4GL function?

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Article Number000010715
EnvironmentProgress 8.x
Progress 9.x
OpenEdge 10.x
All Supported Operating Systems
Question/Problem Description
What is the algorithm used by the ENCODE() 4GL function?
Does the ABL ENCODE() function use industry standard hashing algorithms?
Is it possible to implement the ENCODE() 4GL function in other programming languages?
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The algorithm used by the ENCODE() 4GL function is not publicly available. If you need a standard hashing algorithm, then you could use either MD5 or SHA-1 in your ABL clients. 

A common question that is asked about the ENCODE function with regards to industry defined security standards (for example the PCI DSS standards) is wether the ENCODE function uses one of the recognized hashing algorithms.

The answer to this is that it does not do so.

Last Modified Date9/13/2015 3:40 PM