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How to submit an enhancement request for a Progress product?

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TitleHow to submit an enhancement request for a Progress product?
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Question/Problem Description
How to submit an Enhancement request for a Progress product?
How to submit an Idea for a Progress product?
How to file your idea for an improvement to a Progress product?
How to raise an enhancement request for a Progress product without logging a support case?

How do I raise my idea about an enhancement to an existing product feature?
How do I promote an existing Idea ?
How do I add my thoughts to another customer's Idea in the Progress Communities website?

How can I log an idea for a better way a product feature should work?
How can I improve the product when my Progress application does not support a feature I need ?
How to suggest the better way I have engineered for a product feature to work to be included in the next release?

Can I request a new feature for an OpenEdge, Sitefinity, DataDirect, Corticon, WhatsUp Gold, MOVEit, Kinvey, Corticon product?
Do I need to raise a support case to log an Enhancement Request for an OpenEdge, Sitefinity, DataDirect, Kinvey or Corticon product?

Where is the Progress Enhancement Request System (ERS)?
Are Ideas the new "Enhancement Requests" or "Product Features"?

What are IDEAS in the Progress Online Community?
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Progress Ideas
The Ideas pages under the Progress Community product-specific portals, are provided for customers to submit feedback on new or existing Product features and enhancement requests:

To use Ideas in the Progress Community:

Login access to our Progress Communities, using your Progress ID username and password:

To raise a Product enhancement or new feature request

  1. Select the “Add a New idea” button,
  2. Provide a high-level Summary and detailed Description,
  3. Select a product Category area
  4. Finally share the idea to submit it

  • Existing ideas may be brought to your attention to assist in determining if similar ideas have been raised previously.
  • You are automatically subscribed for updates when you raise a new Idea.
Idea Details clarify your requirement and add context
1. Describe the problem to be solved which is not met by current features:
  • Under what circumstances would users benefit from or make use of the proposed capability.  For example, provide a Use case for the idea.
  • Provide current solutions, article references or workarounds employed if these alternatives exist and explain why they are not acceptable.
2. Discuss how you would like to see this new or enhanced feature implemented in the Product. 
3. Quantify the business value this Idea would add whenever possible in terms of time, impact and monetary value.

    Review existing Ideas

    • Review the Recent, Trending and Popular Ideas or Search for existing ideas
    • Voting assists with priority evaluation, weigh-in by up-voting an Idea of interest and promote your Idea with peers.  
    • Add your comments and suggestions to promote customer demand for the enhancement and refine feature requirements
    • Subscribe to Ideas of interest, to receive automatic email updates when the status changes and when others add comments.

    What happens to Ideas?

    • Progress welcomes your feedback on new or existing features and enhancement requests
    • Product Management teams review Ideas during the planning phase of each new product release evaluated by customer demand.
    • Ideas are weighted by the vote count, perceived business value and evaluated by customer demand in the Ideas Portal and related Article Feedback
    • Given the success of our portal, the volume of ideas does not make it not feasible to continuously provide updates.
    • As Ideas are approved for implementation and ultimately shipped in the product, the Idea's Status changes which trigger's emails to the idea submitter and all those subscribed to keep interested parties appraised. 
    • The list of the enhancements delivered can be found in the Release Notes Documents that accompany each release.
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