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What is proutil <dbname> -C  increaseto?

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TitleWhat is proutil <dbname> -C  increaseto?
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Article Number000167590
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 10.1C, 10.2x, 11.x, 12.x
OS: All supported platforms
Question/Problem Description
What is proutil <dbname> -C  increaseto?
If I started the database with the wrong parameter file, can server startup parameters be increased online?
Can I increase shared-memory online ?
What can I do when performance slows due to bi buffer waits ?
Can I do anything when I see: Out of free shared memory. (14394)?
Do I have to stop the database to increase Lock Table after: Lock table overflow, increase -L on server (915) 
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OpenEdge 10.1C introduced new functionality for the PROUTIL executable which allows online dynamic modification of a subset of critical database server startup parameters:
-B  The number of blocks in the primary buffer pool.
-L The limit of the record locking table.
-bibufs The number of before-image buffers.
-aibufs The number of after-image buffers.
-Mxs The size of the shared-memory overflow in kilobytes.

Later versions extended this functionality to include:
-B2 The number of blocks in the Alternate Buffer Pool. (since OpenEdge 10.2B)
-omsize The number entries in the secondary storage object cache (since OpenEdge 11.0)
-mtpmsize The number of entries in the multi-tenancy partition cache (since OpenEdge 11.0)​
-cdcsize CDC cache size  (since OpenEdge 11.7)​
Since OpenEdge 12:
-n, -pica, -tablerangesize, -usertablerangesize, -indexrangesize, -userindexrangesize, -ecsize, -secsize 

Syntax for the INCREASETO function:
proutil db-name -C increaseto 
                  -n n -B n-B2 n -L n
                  -aibufs n -bibufs n -Mxs n -omsize n -mtpmsize n 
                  -cdcsize n -ecsize n -secsize n 
                  -tablerangesize n -usertablerangesize n
                  -indexrangesize n -userindexrangesize n 
                  -pica n
  • Security privileges on the directly connected database are required
  • This feature cannot be used to decrease values online
  • Parameters can be modified individually or in any combination.
  • A parameter must only appear once within the command, if it is entered more than once the last value with a valid increase value within the command string will be executed.
  • The values for the parameters specified are restricted by supported limits in the current version
  • These changes are for the session.  To have them permanently established, then include them in the database startup parameters. 
  • PROMON can be used to see session changes while the database is running. The PROMON session must be disconnected before running INCREASETO.
PROMON > Option 6.  Shared resources
PROMON > R&D > Option 1. Status Displays > Option 14. Shared Memory Segments

Example 1:  Increase the number of Blocks in shared memory
  • A database is started with a -B of 10000 and needs to be doubled.
  • There are sufficient memory resources available on the system at the time
Shared Resources:
Number of Database Buffers (-B): 10000

Status: Shared Memory Segments
Seg               Id               Size            Used            Free
   1   12713984     47038992     46538680       500312

$   proutil dbname -C increaseto -B 20000

Shared Resources:
Number of Database Buffers (-B): 20000

Status: Shared Memory Segments
Seg               Id               Size            Used            Free
   1   12713984     47038992     47038824          168
   2   61538304    134217728     43610368     90607360

INCPARM 8: (7129)  Usr 8 set name to Increase Params.
INCPARM 8: (13980) Increase Params increasing buffer pools size (-B) from 10000 to 20000.
INCPARM 8: (453)   Logout by Increase Params on CON

Example 2: Proactively monitor Lock Table entries  

A practical use-case is when Lock Table entries need to be monitored and increased while isolating "Lock Table Overflow (915)" application transaction scope problems. Refer to Article:
Database Startup parameters that cannot be updated online with "PROUTIL -C increaseto" may be updatable in:
  1. PROMON menu: R&D > Administrative Functions or
  2. Since OpenEdge 11.5 with the _DbParams VST. For further information refer to Article:
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