Progress / OpenEdge runtime and query products have limited compile capabilities


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Progress / OpenEdge runtime and query products have limited compile capabilities
Can I compile ABL / 4GL programs with a Client Networking license?
Can I compile ABL / 4GL programs with a Query/Results license?
What is the QUERY-CLIENT bit in configuration files?
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To use the full capabilities of the Progress OpenEdge ABL / 4GL compiler, a development license is required. Development licenses include:

  • 4GL Development System
  • OpenEdge Studio
  • OpenEdge Architect
  • Progress Developer Studio
  • Provision (Progress 9 and earlier)
  • Provision Plus (Progress 9 and earlier)
The XCODE utility is part of the Progress Toolkit and is included in OpenEdge 64-bit client with a development license, including OpenEdge Architect, Progress Developer Studio or
OpenEdge Studio.

Compiler capabilities are restricted when only runtime licenses or query licenses are installed. Runtime licenses include:

  • Client Networking
  • Database products

Query licenses include:

  • Query/Results

Following are the restrictions on runtime and query licenses, and the errors that occur when attempting to compile code the license does not support.


This version of PROGRESS does not allow compiles. (471)
Compiler is not available in this version of PROGRESS. (494)

These errors indicate a run-time version of Progress / OpenEdge. Runtime OpenEdge can only run precompiled source code, and can only compile encrypted source code. To compile encrypted source code with runtime OpenEdge, use the -rx startup parameter. To compile unencrypted code, a development or query version of OpenEdge (e. g. 4GL Development System, Progress Developer Studio, OpenEdge Architect, OpenEdge Studio or Query/Results) is necessary.

This version of PROGRESS compiles only encrypted programs. (1086)

This error indicates that OpenEdge was started with the -rx (encrypted compiler) startup option, but the source code has not been encrypted. To encrypt source code, use the XCODE utility which is distributed with the  developer's Toolkit product. All .i files must be encrypted, as well as .p files. Error 1086 may also indicate that the encrypted code was not created or copied correctly. For example, code is encrypted in one version and an attempt is made to compile it in an earlier version, error 1086 may be raised . Error 1086 may also be seen when an encrypted file is copied through a non-binary transfer mode.


You may not compile programs that update the database in this version. (490)

This error indicates a query version of OpenEdge. Query OpenEdge cannot compile code that modifies data. To compile code that modifies the database, a development license (e. g. 4GL Development System, Progress Developer Studio or OpenEdge Architect) is necessary.

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