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proutil dump with table scan option (-index 0) dumps more records than expected.

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Article Number000016790
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 10.2A03, 10.2B01,10.2B02, 10.2B03
OS: All supported platforms
Other: Binary Dump
Question/Problem Description
PROUTIL dump -index 0 dumps more records than expected.
PROUTIL dump -index 0 reports more records written to the dump file than a binary dump without the table scan option.
After loading the resulting dump file (.bd) into a new database, IDXBUILD fails with error 1127 on records with a unique index.
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Binary dumped table is in a Type II Storage Area.

Example: with table scan, more records are dumped

$ proutil sports -C dump customer . -index 0
Performing table scan for dump of table customer. (14653)
Dumped 11111 records. (13932)
Binary Dump complete. (6254)

Example: without table scan, the expected number of records are dumped

$ proutil sports -C dump customer .
Using index 12 for dump of table customer. (6101)
Dumped 11100 records. (13932)
Binary Dump complete. (6254)

Error MessageFix RECID <recid>, <file-name> already exists with <field value>. (1127)
Defect/Enhancement NumberDefect PSC00229075 / OE00202659
The issue occurs when dumping records > 1024 bytes and a table scan is used to binary dump the records from a Type II Storage Area. The record is written to the dump file twice due to a cursor manipulation error with how  binary dump processes a buffer out of space error.  Each subsequent record larger than all past records will be dumped twice.

A table scan is used when -index 0 is specified on the PROUTIL -C dump command and the Table being dumped resides in a Type II Storage Area.
Upgrade to OpenEdge 10.2B04, 11.0.0 or later where this issue has been fixed.
OPTION 1: Use binary dump without the table scan option (ommit -index 0) or a DataDictionary dump (ASCII)

OPTION 2: Use OpenEdge 10.2B00 without Service Pack to binary dump with table scan (-index 0)
Last Modified Date9/14/2015 12:56 AM