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Request to enhance the SQL Server Wire Protocol driver to cancel a query when calling SQLFreeStmt(SQL_CLOSE)

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Article Number000042490
EnvironmentProduct: Connect for ODBC SQL Server Wire Protocol driver
Version: 7.0
OS: All supported platforms
Database: SQL Server
Application: N/A
Question/Problem Description
Request to enhance the SQL Server Wire Protocol driver that uses a streaming protocol to cancel a query when using SQLFreeStmt(SQL_CLOSE) to cancel long running queries instead of using SQLCancel()
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
After the SQL is executed, the server tries to push all rows to the wire all at once, streaming. If you just call SQLFreeStmt with SQL_CLOSE, it just drains the socket. If there are billions of rows, it takes a while.
Error Message
Defect/Enhancement NumberEnhancement PSC00102444

Enhancement request PSC00102444 has been implemented in the SQL Server Wire Protocol driver as a hidden connection option.
Upgrade to version 07.01.0121 (B0115, U0075) or 07.12.0083 (B0078, U0046).
Please contact Support for details on implementing this enhancement.

Use SQLCancel()

Last Modified Date2/27/2014 2:23 PM