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Permissions: Non-admin users can not preview draft pages

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Article Number000108848
EnvironmentProduct: Sitefinity
Version: 12.x
OS: All supported OS versions
Database: All supported Microsoft SQL Server versions
Question/Problem Description
Preview of a draft page works as expected for Administrators but the user who edits the page gets 403 error.
Steps to Reproduce1. Create a user with a non-admin role, e.g. Authors
2. Enable the checkbox "This user can access site backend"
3. Create a draft page
4. Go to page`s Permissions, break the inheritance and allow the following permissions for "all Backend users":
- Add widgets and layout elements to the page and its child pages,
- Edit content of this page and its child pages
- Modify properties of this page and its child pages

5. In a private window log in as the user created in step 1
6. Open the draft page for Edit and click on Preview

As a result, a 403 error page is displayed.
Clarifying Information
The issue is not reproducible on Sitefinity 13.0.
Error Message403 - Forbidden: Access is denied.
You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.
Defect/Enhancement NumberBug 264367
For more information about Bug 264367, see
Upgrade to Sitefinity 13.0 or later. 
Use a preview link, generated from an Admin user by the Share preview link functionality.
Progress Article(s):
KB article 000076924, How to update Sitefinity to hotfix, internal build or a patch

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Last Modified Date5/22/2020 12:34 PM