Source and Target databases loses OEM connections after fail-over transition


Article Number000091378
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 11.x
OS: All supported platforms
Question/Problem Description
Steps to ReproduceFor Windows platforms:
1. run kbsetup.bat script in proenv ( unzip in WRKDIR )
@echo on
mkdir source target aiarch
call proshut source\source -by
call proshut target\target -by
del /Q source\*.*
del /Q target1*.*

copy source
copy target

call prostrct create source\source
call procopy %DLC%\sports2000 source\source
call probkup source\source source_zero
call rfutil source\source -C aimage begin
call rfutil source\source -C aiarchiver enable
call proutil source\source -C enableSiteReplication source
call probkup source\source incremental source_incr

call prostrct create target\target
call prorest target\target source_zero
call prorest target\target source_incr
call rfutil target\target -C aimage begin
call rfutil target\target -C aiarchiver enable
call proutil target\target -C enableSiteReplication target

2. Configure source and target databases in OEM.

3. Start both source and target databases from OEM

4. Initiate fail-over transition
dsrutil source\source -C transition failover

5. When transition is finished, notice the OEM is no longer in communication with the target or source databases.
Clarifying Information
Error Message
Defect/Enhancement Number
The startup parameters for both target and source after failover transition need to specify the parameters which allow
the databases to reconnect to OEM.
-adminport default 7846
-properties default %DLC%\properties\
-servergroup default <dbname>.defaultconfiguration.defaultservergroup
source example usage:
normal-startup-arguments=-S 20000 -adminport 7846 -servergroup source.defaultconfiguration.defaultservergroup  -properties C:\DLC\properties\
source-startup-arguments=-S 20000 -DBService replserv -aiarcdir C:\DLCWORK\dbs\aiarch -adminport 7846 -servergroup source.defaultconfiguration.defaultservergroup  -properties C:\DLC\properties\
target-startup-arguments=-S 20000 -DBService replagent -aiarcdir C:\DLCWORK\dbs\aiarch -adminport 7846 -servergroup source.defaultconfiguration.defaultservergroup  -properties C:\DLC\properties\
target example usage:
normal-startup-arguments=-S 20001 -adminport 7846 -properties C:\DLC\properties\ -servergroup                target.defaultconfiguration.defaultservergroup
source-startup-arguments=-S 20001 -DBService replserv  -aiarcdir C:\DLCWORK\dbs\aiarch -adminport 7846 -properties C:\DLC\properties\  -servergroup                 target.defaultconfiguration.defaultservergroup
target-startup-arguments=-S 20001 -DBService replagent -aiarcdir C:\DLCWORK\dbs\aiarch -adminport 7846 -properties C:\DLC\properties\ -servergroup                 target.defaultconfiguration.defaultservergroup
Last Modified Date9/5/2018 12:41 PM

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