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Starting Corticon Studio with the -clean option

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Article Number000091554
EnvironmentProduct: Corticon Studio
Version: 5.x
OS: Windows
Database: N/A
Browser: N/A
Application Server: N/A
Question/Problem Description
1) What is the Corticon Studio -clean option?
2) How is Corticon Studio started with the -clean option?
3) Does the Corticon Studio -clean option need to run for each workspace? 

Steps to Reproduce
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1) The Corticon Studio -clean option is used to clear the Eclipse cache and ensure proper loading of the Eclipse 
2) Start Corticon Studio with the -clean option by referencing the following:
     a) From a Windows command prompt run:
         [CORTION_HOME]\Studio\eclipse\eclipse.exe -clean
     b) Add -clean to the Corticon Studio startup from the Windows Start Menu so that it runs every time
         Studio is started. Alter the Target for the Start Menu Shortcut/Launch command for Corticon Studio to 
         use the -clean option. For example, if on Windows 10
           I. As Administrator, right mouse click Corticon Studio from the start menu and select
              more open file location 
          II. Right mouse click on Corticon Studio and select properties
III. Modify the Target to state:
               "C:\Program Files\Progress\Corticon 5.6\Studio\eclipse\eclipse.exe" -clean
adding -clean to the end of the line)
         IV. Save and launch Eclipse.
3) The eclipse.exe command specified before the  -clean option is the command that launches Corticon Studio, 
     and -clean is an option that can be passed to it. Whenever the eclipse.exe command is ran
     (with or without the -clean option), it will launch Corticon Studio which brings up a workspace to utilize.
     However, the eclipse -clean command does not need to run for each workspace.
Last Modified Date10/10/2018 1:30 PM