What information is required for opening a support case for Corticon related issues?


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EnvironmentProduct: Corticon
Version: All supported versions
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Application Server: All supported application servers
Question/Problem Description
What information is required for opening a support case for Corticon related issues?
Case requirements  for a Corticon related issues.
How to open new case with Corticon Technical Support?
How to create a new issue with Corticon Technical Support?
How to open a call with Corticon Technical Support?
What documentation should be gathered before opening a case?
How can the investigation of a case move quickly?
What list of items is needed to investigate a case?
How to move a case through Technical Support quickly.
How to investigate a problem with Corticon?
What data is needed to troubleshoot a problem with Corticon?

Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Error Message
Defect/Enhancement Number

For all issues provide the details requested in the General Information section below. Refer to the Problem Specific Information section below for additional details required depending on the type of problem.

General Information

Product/Environment Info
  • Product (e.g. Corticon Studio, Corticon Server, Web Console, etc)
  • If Corticon Server, is it the Corticon Java Server or the Corticon for .NET Server?
  • Version (e.g.
  • If an upgrade is taking place, what is the previous Corticon version? (e.g.
  • OS (e.g. Windows 2016 SP2 64 Bit)
  • Application Server (e.g. WebSphere
  • Database (e.g. MS SQLServer 2014 12.0.5000)
  • JDK (e.g. Oracle JDK version 1.8.0_162)
  • Browser (e.g. Google Chrome 67.0.3396.99 (64 Bit))

Problem Summary

  • Describe the issue.
  • Describe the architecture of the environment in which the problem occurs. Is this a production, development, or test environment?
  • What is the current vs. expected behavior?
  • How often and under what circumstances does the problem occur? Does the issue occur intermittently or is there a pattern?
  • Is the issue reproducible? If so, is it reproducible at will?  Can sample reproducible assets be provided?
  • What changes have been made recently?
  • What error messages are observed?
  • Is the issue a regression?  If so, what is the previous version that works and does the issue occur after a Corticon upgrade?
  • Log files
  • Sample Rule Assets that reproduce the issue
  • Service Callouts (SCO)/Custom Extended Operators
  • Configuration files
  • Screenshots, if applicable

Problem-Specific Information


  • What process/utility is being used to compile the Rules? (e.g. Corticon Studio, Corticon Deployment Console, corticonManagement, .NET in-Process, JAVA in-Process)
  • Is EDC/ADC being used?
  • Are custom Service Callouts (SCO)/Extensions being used?
  • What JDK version is in use?
  • Are dependent jars in use?
  • Sample Rule Assets, SCO/Extension Jars, and dependent Jars which introduces the compile issue
  • If using Multiple Compilation, provide multipleCompilation.xml 
Ruleflow Deployment
  • What process/utility is being used to deploy the Rules? (e.g. Deployment Console, Corticon Studio, Web Console, Deployment Descriptor (.cdd) with .eds/.erf,)
  • Is EDC/ADC being used?
  • Are custom Service Callouts (SCO)/Custom Extended Operators being used?
  • Rule Assets including eds file for deployment, SCO/Extension Jars, and dependent Jars which reproduces the rule deployment issue
  • Deployment Descriptor (.cdd) file,  if applicable
  • List of Decision Services deployed. (e.g. http://localhost:8850/axis/corticon/decisionService/list)
  • How are Rules being executed?  (e.g. standalone third party tools, in-process, Studio)
  • Payload (e.g. XML, JSON, Objects)
  • WSDL, if applicable
  • Request/Response files
  • List of Decision Services deployed. (e.g. http://localhost:8850/axis/corticon/decisionService/list)
Web Console
  • How is the Web Console being used/interacted with?
  • What steps were taken which led to the issue?
  • Is Corticon Studio being used to deploy to the Web Console?
  • Is the command line or web interface being used?
  • WebConsole.log


  • Review the following Article and provide results from the investigation
  • Description of JDK error
  • Single Use Case demonstrating issue
  • Logs for working and failing Use Cases
  • CPU Utilization
  • Memory Utilization
  • CPU Cores
  • System Logs
  • Describe the environment (e.g. memory on the machine, number of VMs, load balancing, etc)
  • Frequency of issue (e.g. happens at startup only, intermittently occurs, happens all the time)
  • If the error is not obtained from the Corticon log, what product/application is generating the error? Provide the log which generates the error.
  • Corticon Diagnostic Logs
  • Has anything changed?  
    • If rules changed, provide the old assets and the new assets
Database  Authentication SSL
  • Review the following Article(s) and provide results from the investigation (Note: The sample self-signed certificates provided with the PAS server are for reference only. They are not to be used in Production.)
  • JDK Version
  • Keystore
  • JDK Debug Log   

Service Callout (SCO)/Extensions

  • Review the following Article(s) and provide results from the investigation
  • Are there any dependent jars?
  • Rule Assets including SCO/Extension Jars and dependent jars which reproduce the issue
  • SCO/Extensions custom code


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