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Custom extensions no longer recognized after upgrade to Corticon Studio 5.7

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Article Number000099613
EnvironmentProduct: Corticon Studio
Version: 5.6.x and above
OS: Windows
Database: N/A
Browser: N/A
Application Server: N/A
Question/Problem Description
When attempting to upgrade Corticcon Rule Projects to version 5.7, Corticon Studio is not recognizing the custom Java extensions.
How can Corticon Studio be configured to recognize custom Java extensions?
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Error Message
Defect/Enhancement Number
Corticon Studio 5.7 is not properly configured to recognize the custom extensions.
Reference the following for ways to make Custom Extensions recognizable to Corticon Studio 5.7.x and above:
  • In Corticon Studio's 5.7.x and above Project Explorer, add the Custom Extension JAR to the Corticon Rule Project by right mouse clicking the Rule Project and selecting Properties > Corticon Extensions > Add and navigating to the custom Extension JAR file and then clicking Open
  • If using a custom extension plug-in from Corticon Studio version 5.5.x which is compatible with version 5.7.x and above, the following can also be done for Custom Extension recognition:
1) Edit the name of the plugin to include a version higher than the Corticon Studio version installed.
    If Corticon Studio 5.7.2 is installed, then typically a file such as the following will be installed:
        C:\Program Files\Progress\Corticon 5.7\Studio\eclipse\plugins\ (This file can also be removed and saved in another location.)
    Therefore, name the Custom Extension plug-in something similar to:

2) Copy the newly named extension plug-in JAR file to the Corticon 5.7 eclipse plugin directory:
    C:\Program Files\Progress\Corticon

3) Make sure Corticon Studio 5.7 is being run with the -clean option. to force the system to rebuild the bundle cache and ensure the proper loading of the plugin.
    Progress Article 000091554, Starting Corticon Studio with the -clean option

4) Make sure that when launching Corticon Studio for the first time after adding the new plug-in, that it is launched with administrator privileges (right-click Corticon Studio from the Start menu, and then choose Run as administrator) so that the plug-in gets properly installed and registered. Do this whenever the plugin is updated.
References to Other Documentation:
Progress Article(s):
000085122, Creating Custom Extended Operators in Corticon 5.6.x and above
Last Modified Date12/3/2019 3:59 PM