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How to utilize Time zone field on other modules?

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Article Number000108858
EnvironmentProduct: Sitefinity
Version: 8.x, 9.x, 10.x,11.x, 12.x,13.x
OS: All supported OS versions
Database: All supported Microsoft SQL Server versions
Question/Problem Description

The "TimeZone" field exists in the events module where the values event start and event end dates are set based upon the offsets provided in the field.
How to utilize this field in other modules so that custom date fields are saved according to the timezone selected?

Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Error Message
Defect/Enhancement Number
The behavior is a limitation in Sitefinity.
The timezone field is an internal field for events and can't be utilized by other modules.
A feature request can be submitted in the Sitefinity Ideas Portal.

Customer feedback is valuable and feature request submissions are monitored by our Product Management team. Feature requests are reviewed during the planning phase of each new product release. Once a feature request is submitted, the Sitefinity Community will have the opportunity to comment on and vote for it.

For detailed information on how to submit a feature request, please refer to Knowledge Base article 000074190, How to submit a Sitefinity feature request.

This feature request has not been implemented in the product. As an alternative use the workaround below.
The Timezone field is internally a choice field. Hence, create a choice field and populate the values with the timezones that are utilized by the users on the site.

Once the choice field is populated, utilize the IDataEvent, and modify the values of all the date-time fields of the items upon publish.
Following are the necessary references to work with IdataEvent event hub:
Sitefinity Documentation, IDataEvent:
Knowledgebase Article 000081847: How to catch the Publish, Unpublish and Save as draft events using API
Last Modified Date5/22/2020 8:33 PM