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MVC: Having Subscribe and Unsubscribe widgets on the same page trigger both action on clicking of either button

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Article Number000097899
EnvironmentProduct: Sitefinity
Version: 8.x, 9.x, 10.x,11.x, 12.x
OS: All supported OS versions
Database: All supported Microsoft SQL Server versions
Question/Problem Description
Having the Subscribe and Unsubscribe widgets(Email Campaigns) on the same page trigger both actions when either of subscribe or unsubscribe button is clicked
Steps to Reproduce1. Create an MVC Page
2. Add "Subscribe Form" widget(Under Email Campaigns)
3. Add "Unsubscribe" widget
4. Click on "Edit"
5. Select "Email address" and select a Mailing List
6. Save changes and publish the page
7. Open the page in view mode
8. Provide a mail address and click on Subscribe or Unsubscribe button
- Submit actions of both Subscriber and Unsubscriber widget are initiated
Clarifying Information
Error Message
Defect/Enhancement NumberBug 259785
The issue is caused due to a bug in sitefinity.

For further details regarding the bug 259785, please refer to:
The bug is fixed in Sitefinity version 12.1.7100.0.

Upgrade to the version or above to resolve the issue.
Last Modified Date8/13/2019 1:23 PM