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PAS _mproapsv doesn't release memory after clients disconnect

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Article Number000086860
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge
Version: 11.5.x
OS: Linux
Question/Problem Description
PAS _mproapsv doesn't release memory after clients disconnect.
PASOE agent process memory usage continues to increase.
Steps to Reproduce
Clarifying Information
Error Message
Defect/Enhancement Number
This is expected behavior. ABL sessions within PAS for OpenEdge allocate memory using the system call malloc() as they execute the ABL code associated with the requests they process.   The memory used during the session execution will typically be retained by the agent process even when the session completes and calls free() on that memory.  The resulting maximum resident size of the agent process is a combination of the size of the agent code and the sum of the memory used for the largest request by each agent session.
None, functioning as designed. While the resident memory size of the PAS for OpenEdge agent will usually never decrease, the overall size of the process will eventually plateau and level off.
Last Modified Date1/30/2018 12:44 PM