Pro2 - Doc bug indicates all Source table indexes are applied to Target


Article Number000091379
EnvironmentProduct: OpenEdge Pro2
Version: 4.5, 4.6.x, 5.x
OS: All Supported Platforms
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The Pro2 User's Guide mentions that all of the indexes from the source table are copied to the target table when Pro2 creates the target.  This has not been true since Pro2 Version 4.5.

Following is the statement made in the Pro2 User's Guide which mentions this:

"By default, all index information from the source schema is brought over to the target database during Pro2 implementation, with the exception that any unique keys are created as non-unique.
The source side index information is not used by Pro2 and is not required. Dropping unused or unnecessary indices on the target side can optimize Pro2 performance."
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Defect/Enhancement NumberDefect ODIA-2238

Historically Pro2 setups would copy all indices over to the target tables, so this statement was true at one time.  In more recent versions of the product these index definitions are generated into a .SQL file as CREATE INDEX statements.  This SQL can then later be applied to the SQL target db in order to add the desired indexes to the target database.


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